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Prostate cancer is has no symptoms in the early stages. Which is a period that the treatment is effective and the goal of treatment is to cure the disease Therefore, screening in men over the age of 55 to be detected since the early stages is important. Currently, screening for prostate cancer is primarily based on the PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen) examination. That is to say, if PSA > 4 is likely to be prostate cancer

When referring to the term “cancer” in medicine, it is necessary to obtain a confirmed piece of meat. The result of the prostate gland is the use of the prostate transrectal biopsy (TRUS c Bx) to insert the ultrasound tool with a spring needle for cutting the meat from Prostate gland to pathological examination Can do both anesthesia Injecting anesthesia into the spinal cord Or use local anesthesia And the patient can go home after cutting the meat

Picture : Prostate position

Picture : Transrectal Ultrasound with biopsy prostate (TRUS c Bx)

Picture : Prostate image from ultrasound

Picture : Transrectal Ultrasound with biopsy prostate (TRUS c Bx)

Picture : Transrectal Ultrasound with biopsy prostate (TRUS c Bx)


• Men detected PSA > 4
• Men with prostate gland have unusual characteristics from examination by fumbling through the anal hole.


• Do not use blood clotting drugs such as Aspirin Plavix pletaal (If eaten and can stop) 7 days before cutting meat
• Take the disinfectant received 1 The day before surgery
• Enema by unison enema, night and morning before cutting the prostate gland
• No food after midnight


• Bleeding more than usual (May have a small amount of urine or stools)
• Blood stream infection
• Temporary urinary incontinence after cutting meat

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